Where it
all began

Established in 2006, then incorporated in 2009, Foxse Ltd. made its name with a multiplayer, open world fantasy stock market trading game. Popular with city types and the general public alike, the game gave players the freedom to wheel and deal, trade and sabotage each other. In time, the game expanded from its roots as a web based experience into the mobile space.

As the team broadened their creative and technical visions, Foxse Ltd. began the development of new, exciting experiences to surprise and delight customers. New ventures included new games titles, but also work outside of the gaming world, producing innovative takes on existing ideas, such as our mobile photo album app, ShowBeen.

Over the years, many great features had been added to the original trading game by popular demand, and the site had a cult following and regular traffic up until its closure in 2014. The team enjoyed their time building this world and listening to its community and hope to bring back the game in a new form in the future.

Our vision
for the future

We have always been early adopters of emerging technologies in order to develop great experiences for our customers and players.

We were one of the very first mass-market smartwatch games listed on the Play Store. The mobile games for our original stock market trading game provided one of the first cross-platform, massively multiplayer online worlds across desktop web, iOS and Android.

Today we continue to experiment with leading edge technologies, such as microlocation and Virtual Reality, to bring new and immersive games to market.

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You can reach our friendly team of humans at info@foxse.co.uk

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