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Create and share beautiful photo albums with family and friends. Making albums of your important events is simple and fast.

  • Add photos from your phone or tablet into an album, like ‘Birthday’ or ‘Wedding’.
  • Put your own spin on events with comments and details about each picture.
  • Email your album as a small PDF file, sent only to the people who you want to see it.

We know that photographs are precious and personal. ShowBeen helps you share important events without giving ownership of your content to third parties or having to surrender control over who sees it.

Content remains yours and you control who you send it to.

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A classic “Arcade” game where you swerve your wagon and collect the Catchaballs as they fall.

Make sure you catch the right ones! There’s a mix of good and bad balls falling, so you could end up slowing down or speeding up, going in reverse, losing a life or gaining a life!

As the clouds drift by, gently shake your device and the clouds will disappear to clear your view of what’s falling - there might even be a jewel hiding...tap it and you will hear a sound and score extra bonus points!

Enjoy the world of Catchaballs on your own or with your friends. Simply post your scores on Google Play and let your friends know how you have done!

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Space Mash

Fly your spaceship through the galaxy, taking care to dodge the asteroids and collect the jewels you find along the way. Your score is a combination of time spent flying and jewels caught.

  • As planets fly past steer your ship to avoid the asteroids!
  • Collect the jewels to add to your score.
  • The longer you fly the quicker you fly!
  • If you hit an asteroid, punch the button at the top of the screen to engage your autopilot and get you back to safety.

Please rate the game and post your score on social media!

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A simple and classic “Arcade” game for your Android Wear smartwatch. Use your wrist to steer the balls into the holes.

  • Choose your difficulty level to challenge yourself.
  • See how quickly you can do it as you get timed.
  • Simple yet addictive time killer on your wrist.
  • Enjoy an old classic game bought up to date and onto your watch.

Pass on to your family and friends to see who is the best!

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Trading Game

Looking for the stock market trading game?

The FoXSE Trading Game has now been retired. We hope that, in time, the FoXSE Trading Game may re-appear in a new format. We would like to thank all of you who have played the game over the years and participated in our community.

Looking forwards, the FoXSE world now incorporates a range of mobile Apps for both Android and iOS. You can find them listed here, or on the respective iOS App Store or Google Play Store websites.